Sunday, April 17, 2011

Erin and Stonewall 16 x 20 Oil portrait

I had the pleasure of delivering this portrait today of a truly beautiful lady and her recently departed and very beloved dog of 12 years, Stonewall. She's a charming woman with a wonderful eclectic side to her nature. I really enjoyed painting this, and had fun with the very real 'purple streaks' meandering through her dark brown hair. That dog has the most beguiling little smile and she showed me some photos of him smiling - what a riot! I hoped to capture the endearing closeness between her and her canine companion. I placed her hand over his heart because I know that's how she felt about her 'best friend'. She adored her Bichon Frise and misses him so much, so I hope this portrait brings some wonderful memories to her and lots of pleasure. Thanks, Erin!

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